Je m‘ appelle ALAN

In der vierten Episode von „StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE“ verschlägt es den Engländer Alan Stokes nach Frankreich. Hier seine Geschichte:

I’ve been travelling around this globe we call home for the best part of my life now, spending summers in Europe and winters where ever the waves have led me. I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures and ways of life all around the world.
Thats the beautiful thing about travel it opens your eyes to the possibilities and teaches you things about the simplest necessities of life, when you leave the confides and sanctuary of home your perception of things shifts you become vulnerable and lost to the new.

Im so used to this experience now that after a few weeks at home I find myself craving it all over again. France is one of these places I have been lucky enough to visit travelling there for the European summer for as long as I can remember. Sunshine, endless sand banks, powerful waves, beautiful woman, red wine and cakes to die for are just a few of the reasons why the south west of France ticks all the boxes for us surfers.

We had a real mix of conditions for this episode, one day it was glassy and 42 degrees and the next its pouring down with rain and howling onshore, filming these little shorts is great fun and you really appreciate the things around you, looking at everything as if it were a picture perfect ideal. After two weeks the weather and waves had tested us and by watching the video you can see we really started to loose the plot but we had a great time indulging in the French way of life and they really know how to live it well. So here’s to France.

Alan Stoke



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