The Tremolo Beer Gut

The Tremolo Beer Gut

Die dänische Old School Surf`n`Western Band The Tremolo Beer Gut kommen nach Deutschland. Diese Band sollte niemand verpassen, unser Geheimtipp für einen coolen Abend mit deinen Freunden!!! Da es schnell gehen muss, kommt die Nachricht auf englisch, denke aber das versteht ihr ja alle! :-)

Ahoi Skippers!

We are back – again. Sorry for the sudden abundance of newsletters – but we just seem to have more to say these days. And rest asured that we will be silent as the grave – maybe even dead, or in case of Zombie-attacks, which are common in these parts: un-dead for a while – after this next tour on which we are about to embarque. More about this below.

As you may very well know from our obnoxious plethora of infotainment we have recently visited Russia and the fair land of the Scots. Both trips were absolutely and totally succesful in every way other than financial, but we are an extremely wealthy band, so waddafock, eh?

You will find a revealing pictorial from Scotland on our website including the downing of many a pint, scotch eggs and this:

Also it should be noted that at same website (in the exposé section) we have added some more pix to the tale of our Russian exploits. Among others this fine shot by Jesper Lydmand of The TBG posing in front of The Hotel Moskva, which is also featured on our most beloved Stolichnaya Vodka label.

So, what’s next? Well, at our X-mas party last year we swore a sacred oath: in 2009 The Tremolo Beer Gut shall play in 4 countries we have never played before. Finland, Russia and Scotland makes 3. The 4th and last will be Belgium. We have wrapped a show in Gent in a small German tour. We have been aching to go back and play for our friends down south for a while. We had a ball of a tour last year and this time we are dead set on surpassing it. The tour schedule is as follows:

15th: Hamburg (D), Tortuga Bar (Free entrance! Come out Hamburgers!)
16th: Bremen (D), Heart Break Hotel (Legendary cool ex-hooker bar)
17th: Gent (B), Charlatan (Steve from Soulwax will DJ yr pants off – perhaps)
18th: Berlin (D), Wild At Heart (The movie is amazing, the club maybe also!)
19th: Freiburg (D), ElPi (Home town of our booker Matze. We will rock you)
20th: Stuttgart (D), 1210 (Packed show last time. Let’s do it again!)

The show in the Czchsjeck Republic has been cancelled due to bad spelling, but we hope to rezchedule the Praha show in the summertime 2010, when the pivo is ice cold and the Cjek girls are totally naked.

When we get back we will take a few days in the ER for a total blood change and liver transplant and then do the last TBG show of the year in ole Cph. Yes, we are going to share the stage at Club Mau Mau with non other than The Woggles, straight outta Georgia, USA. They are probably the best live band on the planet, and it is mandatory to come out and see that show. MAN, we are going to get our asses kicked… or are we? Only one way to find out.

The place to be is in Studenterhuset, Copenhagen on friday 27th of november at 10pm.

See you there!

The T, the B and the M*****fucking G



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