Slow Lane – im Gespräch mit Laurie Towner über seinen neuen Film & Familie

Slow Lane – so heisst der neue Film von  Big Wave Surfer Laurie Towner, der mit seiner Familie einen Trip entlang der wunderschönen Küste Australiens gemacht hat.

Begleitet wurde die Reise von Nathan Henshaw, der mit tollen Aufnahmen diesen Film wirklich sehenswert macht. Wir durften Laurie vor der Premiere seines Movies noch ein paar Fragen stellen und wir sind so frei, euch diese auf englisch zu präsentieren. Den Film gibt es direkt unter dem Interview in voller Länge.

Hey Laurie, congrats to the movie. We love the family vibe, as we also have kids;) Was this the first big family trip up north?  

Hello Simon, how’s it going. This was the first big trip my wife and kids had done around Australia. My wife hadn’t been to Western Australia and my kids have basically only seen home, NSW. Pretty special for the kids, they now have a bearing on how big the country is.

Nice. Why is the movie called „slow lane“ and how long was the trip?  

The title was pretty fitting for the way we travelled. I do own an old 80 series land cruiser and towing the van it struggled to go over 80km haha. But nah in all honesty we didn’t want to rush, it wasn’t all about chasing surf, it was about taking time with the family. All up we travelled for around 8 months.

Wow, this is a long time! How did you handle the family and surfing business and what do your kids say when you want to hit some crazy and scary waves?

It was a juggle for sure but my wife. Bron is amazing and she understands, she played a huge part in making this happen with the family plus the ideas that this trip will potentially turn into a surf film. They also really enjoy watching me surf on those days so they were up in the dark 99% of the time to come along. Kids are pretty young and don’t fully understand what I’m surfing. Chase my son just kept saying can I come out too haha..

Crazy. If you are not on a surftrip around the world, how is your „normal“ day to day life?

My normal day to day life is being a dad first either my wife or I getting the kids off to school. Then depending on the day sneaking a surf or jumping on the computer and getting stuck into some work with what I’m learning working with needessentials or going around to Ryan’s house and working alongside him as he is teaching me. Spare time is pretty simple playing with the kids and hanging with my wife. Hanging with mates surfing, fishing, diving etc. kids sport of a weekend or taking them to the beach any time possible.

Sounds like a pretty „normal“ kind of life;) Will you go on a screening tour with the movie and if so when and where?

I just did one premiere in my hometown and now it will be free online. So there is no  tour planned.

Nice. Would you recommend a trip like this to other surfing fathers and what was the most difficult part?

You definitely want to have the right mindset doing something like this. It can be challenging but if your well prepared and in a position to do so for sure I would recommend it to surfing fathers. But yeah, its not for everyone. Unless you have endless money, you got to be prepared to rough it.

Haha. We hope to see you around Europe anytime. Is there anything planned? 

I would love to come some day! Its one place I haven’t seen much of, I would love to do it properly and spend a whole season up that way one day for sure!

Sure. Let us know and all the best to you and your family! Let’s watch the movie:


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